OpenSSL compatibility layer for the Rust SSL/TLS stack

Previously MesaLink®, TabbySSL exposes OpenSSL compatible C APIs for rustls, a modern TLS library in Rust.

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Distributed under the 3-Clause BSD License. See LICENSE for details

Memory Safety

TabbySSL is impervious to bugs like Heartbleed and buffer overflows becuse it is written in the memory-safe language of Rust.

Cross Platform

Linux, macOS, Android, x86, amd64, armv7, aarch64... you name it. TabbySSL probably compiles for it.

Modern Ciphersuites

TabbySSL uses the best ciphersuites including AES-GCM, Chacha20Poly1305, and elliptic-curve key exchange with perfect forward secrecy.

TLS 1.3

Eight years since TLS 1.2, the faster and more secure TLS standard, is now in Rustls and TabbySSL.

Blazing Fast

X25519 key exchange, AES-NI support, no language runtime like Java/Go. TabbySSL runs at full speed on your metal.

Flexible Build Systems

Both Autotools and CMake are supported to build TabbySSL. Creating a DEB/RPM/NSIS package is just straightforward.

Transparent Replacement

TabbySSL provides OpenSSL-compatible C APIs. Want to use TabbySSL in curl or Android? No problem.

Production Ready

Baidu uses MesaLink®/TabbySSL in production with 10M monthly active users as of 12/2018.